Reviews for Courses and Youth Ballet Company


Connie VowlesI have loved attending the Bristol Russian Ballet Summer School with Chika and Yury over the past couple of years. Not only have they offered the best advice and support in my ballet training, they have given me the chance to work with some inspiring guest teachers, and also to meet new friends. I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to learn repertoire from various ballets, and then perform them for our families at the end of the summer school. I would recommend the Bristol Russian Ballet School to anyone with a passion for ballet, and a desire to learn from the best.

Connie Vowles (Royal Ballet School Upper School)

Drew Jackson JumpDrew & Yury at ENBBristol Russian Ballet School allows students of all ages to enjoy the fun of ballet whilst forming a strong technique based on the Russian Ballet Method. The professional teachers are former principal dancers in major ballet companies and have also taught at world renowned schools too. With endless experience and knowledge, combined with their generous care and love towards their students, they really do have so much to offer. Without the help of Chika and Yury, I would not be where I am today and I can’t thank them enough. I’ve experienced their teaching and care first hand and it makes me happy to know other boys and girls in Bristol can have this great opportunity too.

Drew Jackson (English National Ballet School)


Abigail Baker and Elena GlurdjidzeI have attended both the Bristol Russian Ballet’s Easter and Summer courses and have found them beneficial, enjoyable and complimentary to my vocational training. I have also had the opportunity to perform with the Bristol Russian Youth Ballet in Swan Lake and Cinderella alongside Elena Glurdjidze. I’m very grateful to Chika and Yury for their support, dedication and hope to attend their future courses’.

Abigail Baker (Elmhurst School of Dance)


Ellie Wilson & Arionel Vargas (2) Ellie Wilson- Spanish Dance in CinderellaEllie Wilson & Arionel VargasBefore going to Rambert I was part of the youth company that really improved my technique and gave me more confidence. The summer schools were really fun; learning varied repertoire and pas de duex! I can’t wait to come again this time round. I have had so many performance opportunities with Chika and Yuri including Cinderella where I danced with Arionel Vargas from English national ballet which was incredible!’

Ellie Wilson (Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance)


Will GriffinJoining Bristol Russian Ballet Youth Company was one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many amazing people both professional and aspiring, and I have made many close friendships. The students all work really hard and they excel massively with the guidance from the teachers: Chika and Yury. The company gives the students the opportunity to participate in professional performances such as Cinderella and Swan Lake, and also they get to work with professional dancers from companies such as ‘English National Ballet’. Working with Bristol Russian Ballet Youth Company has really helped me to develop my knowledge of not only Ballet, but also Character, Contemporary, Pas des Deux and Repertoire. They have provided me with education I need for the next step of my career.

William Griffin (Ballet West Scotland)


Grace SapvenI really enjoy the lessons at The Bristol Russian Ballet school. It is a calm and friendly environment, which has really helped me to improve my technique and performance. You get the opportunity to take part in lots of dance performances, learn many dances from different ballets and work alongside professional dancers, which is a real privilege. As well as the fantastic teaching from Chika and Yury, I’ve also really enjoyed getting the chance to learn from other teachers at the Easter and Summer Schools.

Grace Spaven (Tring Park School for The Performing Arts, joining September 2015)


Celeste & ArionelI have been with Bristol Russian ballet school for five years now. It is impossible to chose my favourite part of being with Chika and Yury. However, the variety and quality of teaching is what inspires me to be a part of the school. The effort that all the students and teachers, or anyone involved in the performances put in is out of this world and the rewarding feeling after a show is definitely worth it. As a student, the opportunities Chika and Yury can offer, as such amazing dancers, are difficult to find anywhere else and dancing on stage with people like Elena Glurjidze makes me feel so fortunate. Most of all the people involved in the school create a caring and fantastically fun environment to be in!

Celeste Lewis–Williams (Bristol Russian Ballet School and Youth Ballet Company)



上体の付け方、見るもの聞くこと全てが刺激的で勉強になりました。 イギリスで体験したことを生かして、もっとバレエを上達して行きたいです。 このような素晴らしい体験をさせてくださった先生方にとても感謝しています。

Majuka Kawabata (Temma Ballet School, Osaka, Japan)


Kana Sanoサマースクールではいろいろな先生がたの丁寧なレッスン、キャラクターレッスンやパドドゥレッスンなどたくさんのことを学ぶことができました。 全てのレッスンが私にとって刺激的でしたが、特に私はパドドゥレッスンが印象的に残っています。


指導して頂いたおかげで、慣れないパドドゥも上達することができた本当に貴重な経験となりました。 また一緒にレッスンを受けた子達のレベルも高く上体の付け方など吸収できることが多く、最後の

発表会ではみんなで楽しく踊ることができ、みんなで息を合わせてバレエを踊る素晴らしさ、楽しさを再び感じました。 この2週間は、本当に楽しく刺激的で、私にとって忘れられない宝物となりました。

Sano Kana (Temma Ballet School, Osaka, Japan)


Ayano Inoue私は2回目のサマースクールでしたが、やはり何回参加しても得るものはたくさんありました。バレエ学校に通っている同い年ぐらいの人たちとのレッスンはとても刺激的で、足の上げ方から回り方まで何から何まで見ていても勉強になりました!バリエーションレッスンでは、その踊りの状況を考えて踊ることができ、踊りの意味もいろいろ教えてもらって、とても深いなぁと思いました。パドドゥレッスンでは難しいことも挑戦できて、とてもいい経験になりました。そして初めてのキャラクターのレッスンでは、新たな表現の仕方が学べ、とても楽しかったです。 週末の発表会では、みんなで踊って、作品を作り上げる楽しさは、言葉は喋れなくても同じで、とても達成感があり、楽しかったです。 私はこのサマースクールで、改めてバレエを踊る楽しさを知り、いろんな人たち、いつもと違う環境でレッスンすることで、とてもモチベーションが上がりました。バレエは国境は関係ないと思いました。

Ayano Inoue (Temma Ballet School, Osaka, Japan)