Private Lessons

Bristol Russian Ballet School offer private lessons to help improve Ballet technique,  rehearsing for performances and competitions and recording audition DVDs.

We would like to discuss details prior to take the booking to make sure we have the right studio, length of the lesson etc.

We have helped many Ballet students auditioning to Vocational Ballet schools including Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Vaganova Ballet Academy, Brussels International Ballet School, The Royal Ballet School associate programme.

Private lesson with Tala Lee–Turton (Bolshoi Ballet Academy)

I first attended classes with Bristol Russian Ballet School when I was around 14 years old; Yury and Chika were the first teachers to help me understand the full extent to which I could push myself and to give me the confidence to do so. They introduced me to the miracle technique of the Russian style and have continued to provide endlessly brilliant advice every time I return to train with them. Most importantly, Yury and Chika are inspiring, passionate teachers who work with a tireless energy to enable young dancers to reach their potential—I wouldn’t have achieved much of my goals in the past few years without their support.

Tala’s Journey to the Bolshoi – on the One Show

Tala private lessonMessage from Yury Demakov/Chika Temma (Principals Bristol Russian Ballet School):

We are delighted that Tala is enjoying her training at Bolshoi (Ballet) Academy in Moscow and will be achieving her full diploma (Professional Ballet Dancer) from the Academy in 2016 after 4 years.

Tala always works extremely hard in lessons of course and she loves challenges to moving on to next step up. We are very proud of her and lovely to see her during her school holidays when she is back in UK. We notice  the difference every time she comes back especially this year when we worked on her repertoires including her contemporary piece. Now she is ready to be a professional ballet dancer.

We wish Tala every success with her graduation exams and auditions this year.