New classes starting on Monday 11th September at Sir Bernard Lovell school sports centre!

Monday 4-5pm – Beginner Ballet for age 4 plus
5pm-6pm – Primary Ballet for age 7 plus

Contact now free trial lesson for all children classes!

Limited places available!

Term dates

Term 1: September – December 2017

Monday Classes (Ashton Park Studio)

From 4th September – 11th December (half term 23rd Oct) 14 weeks

Tuesday Classes (Ashton Park Studio)

From 5th September – 12th December (half term 24th Oct) 14 weeks

Wednesday Classes (Tobacco Factory Studio)

From 6th September – 13th December (half term 25th Oct) 14 weeks

Thursday Classes (Ashton Park Studio)

From 7th September – 14th December (half term 26th Oct ) 13 weeks
*There will be one Thursday we won’t be able to run our classes due to the school open day

Friday Classes (Ashton Park Studio)

From 8th September – 15th December (half term 27th Oct) 14 weeks

Saturday Classes (Tobacco Factory & Ashton Park)

From 9th September – 16th December (half term 28st Oct) 14 weeks

Nutcracker Half term Rehearsals at David Lloyd Sports Club
( 23rd – 25th October )

We will be giving out the costumes during these rehearsals . Please try not to miss your rehearsals and bring your own bag to take the costumes home.

David Lloyd Bristol Long Ashton,Bristol, Avon,BS3 2HB,    Telephone: 0117 953 1010

23rd Monday October

12pm -2pm
Party Children (Tuesday 5pm, 6pm) & Parents (Laura T, Marcus, Chris, Jack, Cristina)

2PM – 4PM
Rats (Chris as King, , Archie, Aineias, Elias, Aaron, Barnaby, Jack,)
Salidiers (Friday 5pm & 6pm) Josiah leading Saldier
Chinese Dance (Friday 5pm ) & Mak, Josiah, Barnaby
Russian Dance (Friday 6pm)

24th Tuesday October

12pm – 2:30pm

Arabian Dance Monday 5:45pm -7pm Class
Pas de troi ( Dance of Mirlitons) Monday 4:45pm Class
Walz of Flowers Thursday 6pm , Friday 7:10PM Classes (plus Laura T)

2:30pm – 4pm
Harriet & Nathaniel
Cristina & Christopher
Ayaka , Eliza & Nathaniel

25th Wednesday October

12pm -1PM
Jack, Barnaby,
Nathaniel & Harriet

1PM – 4PM
Youth Ballet Company (No ballet class, own warm up)
Snow Flakes
Waltz (Chris, Nathaniel, Ayaka, Eliza)
Spanis Dance
Arabian Dance